Monday, 7 January 2013


Chap 02
Pretty Woman
"Eeks!" Khushi screamed touching her bare foot on the hot sand, receiving an instant slap on her head, "duffer wear your slippers" appy rolled her eyes. "and for god sake stop covering your imaginary cleavage.
Khushi stopped immediately and looked at her top boyish friend, not tom boyish by looks and figure but her nature.
"ab dekh kya rahi hai mujhe iss tarha?" (now why are you looking at me like this?) appy asked to Khushi.
Khushi dropped her pink slipper on the sand and slipped her beautiful foot. Her glittery silver nail polish, sparkling in the sun.
Appy walked towards the shore while Khushi started following her.
Arnav was almost done with his food and the other two in the verge of finishing their meal, when lavanya pulled a small container and opend it in front of them.
"umm! Yummy" NK liked his lips seeing the gajar ka halwa (carrot sweet).
He was about of scoop out some portion when lavanaya stopped him, "wait bhukkar, this is not for you".
Arnav was about to get up when she pulled him and made him sit.
"Where do you think you are going ASR? I have made this for you and without tasting it I cannot let you go".
Arnav waved her hands off and said "look lavanya, I have told you many times do do these things for me. Why are you hell bend on getting hurt? My answer will be NO always, so don't waste your time and energy on me. For me ria was, is, and will be the only love of my life. Remember that".
He was about to get up when he saw appy waving her hand towards the trio with a big smile on her face. But when she saw Arnav, her smile faded and frustration marks appreaded.
Appy never liked Arnav, she always found him too rude. She did not know why but she always felt as if he has lot of air around him as he always manages to grab attention of females. Not that he does it purposely but every damn female falls under his pray and later ends up crying. The only thing she admires about him, is his dedication towards his ex-girlfriend. She is not with him anymore but his love for her has not lessened.
Appy ducked her head and entered filling crashing herself on Nikhil. He held her waist and spun her around.
"oh bhaiya I missed you sooo much" she screamed.
"sissy! Missed you too" nikhil replied.
Appy hugged lavanya and hugged her, "hey lav, you are turning prettier day by day, umm is it love?" she whispered.
Lavanya made a face and said "yeh to mujhe ghaans tak nahi dalta pyaar kya khak hoga?" (this guys doensot even look at me properly).
"appy! Yaar" came the most melodious voice.
Lavanya, Nikhil and appy looked at the door way instantly.
Arnav was about to leave the place when he heard,
Arnav turned and saw a pretty girl rubbing her forehead. Her toes, her long milky legs, her perfectly shaped abs, she slim waist, her artistic fingers, her long radiating arms, her swan like neck, her silky soft curlz, her boat shapped lips with lip gloss, her small yet cute nose and finally her eyes "MashaAllah!" his chocolatey brown eyes froze on her big honey brown eyes.
The moment froze
The action forze
The rest went blank
She was trying to find appy, but god wanted something else. Her eyes finally fell on Arnav.
His ripped muscles bulging through this short sleeved red t-shirt, his 6 packs visible though the material he was wearing. His muscular legs exposed beneath his hot pants. His dreamy eyes, his eager lips, he was the most handsome man Khushi has ever seen.
Realising her state as soon as appy broke Khushi's trance she looked down but couldnot help but to look at the man standing about 20 feet away from her.
"Khush! Watch out dumbo"
Khushi immediately shifted her gaze towards her frined.
Appy slid her arms around khushi's arms while caressing her recent wound which happened few minutes back when Khushi entered and got hit on the low lintel.
Two friends started walking towards the trio.
Arnav did not shift his gaze for one second also. He did not know what happened to him. He never acted like that. But he couldn't shift his eyes from her beautiful eyes. He had to admit she was indeed very beautiful.
Khushi on the other hand aware of his radiating gaze stole sweet glance and smile towards him.
"hey bro this is Khushi, and Khushi this is my cute cousin Niks, oops! Nikhil bhaiya" she added cutting her tongue.
"Hi Khushi! Hope you had a safe journey" Nikhil asked.
"Yes bhaiya" Khushi replied in a cute tone still stealing glances at the man.
"Khush! She is lavanya" she said pointing towards lavanya.
"Hi! Khushi" she pulled Khushi into a warm embrace.
Appy totally ignored Arnav and started to talk but Khushi on the other hand turned towards Arnav who was still looking at her like a lost case and advanced her hand towards him "erm! I am Khushi and you are?"
"A.R.N.A.V" he said sexily stressing on the "V" bitting his lips in the process unconsciously making it sound sexier.
Khushi's smile immediately got lost hearing his name.
"Par appy why I need to stay away from Arnav?"
"He is a psyco, girl! Why don't you understand?"
"Par appy why do you think that I will feel attracted to him?"
"I know it khush! He is irresistible and no girl can ignore his charm"
Khushi hit her cheekly and asked "so you mean even you were not spared"
"Me? Please, Never, Chhi" appy rolled her eyes.
"he is my arnie bhaiya, but now a days I call him anything, infact I don't converse with him after he spoke rudely with other girls. He has lost it khush".
"Appy tu chinta mat kar, you know me na".
"Oh you don't know him khush! Tera sammy se he is much better and that  sammy naam bhi mat lena uska. How could he dump you like that? I mean so what you have no parents? How immaturish!"
Khushi felt a little sad hearing about her ex-boyfriend who has dumped her saying his parents will never accept an orphan as their bahu.
Khushi and samrat were steady for 6 months. Nothing much happened between them but as we all know first love hardly survives, so this love story had to die after 6 months.
Samrat persuaded higher studies in states so he is now shifted to US.
And Khushi being the topper in her school is trying to apply for the best university under scholarship. That's why she is here. The university here is the top university.
When he saw her expression change he came back to earth. He snapped himself for behaving in such a weird way that too in front of an unknown girl.
Arnav was about to leave, once again lavanya stopped him in the middle and pleaded him to have the sweet dish, but he just waved his hand and walked upstairs.
While climbing up he stole few glance at Khushi and finally disappeared.
Khushi could not believe that she was just drooling him despite of appy's warning. But ab Karen bhi to kya Karen he is no doubt the most handsome guys she has ever come across.


  1. Appy., you rock.. nice story form your other stories too.. eagerly waiting dear.

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  4. A love story!!!
    You are too good!!!

    Continue soon!!!


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  6. nice start....waiting to read the rest :)

  7. nice's a human psychology...people often do work from which they r prphibited....but what to do ye dil ka mamla hai ;-)

  8. waiting for the next update Appy...
    please update fast...

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    love to see arnav in a new profession
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